Succesful Start of ADAS iiT

Succesful Start of ADAS iiT

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ADAS iiT draws absolutely positive conclusions from the first trade fair appearances at NIWeek and Automotive Testing Expo Europe

News Highlights

  • Successful start of ADAS iiT – Innovation in Test: ADAS iiT presents a one stop solution for the simulation and validation of fully autonomous vehicles in a virtual environment (ADAS HiL, ADAS Sensor Fusion, ADAS V2X & GNSS, Data Management )
  • Next Trade Fair Appearances: Automotive Testing Expo China (Shanghai, September 19th-21st) & VIP Conference (Fürstenfeldbruck, October 18th-19th)

Wangen, Radolfzell, Troisdorf & Mönchengladbach, August 23rd 2017. The recently launched ADAS iiT – Innovation in Test group presented its unique test solutions in the area of “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems” (ADAS) at NIWeek in Austin and Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart, which received very positive response from the numerous visitors from all over the world. On the basis of a fully automated ADAS Hardware in the Loop (HiL) solution and numerous presentations by the managing directors of the member companies, interested parties were presented the benefits of a consolidated test solution for virtual test drives.

ADAS iiT – Agility As A Core Competence

The ADAS iiT group is the first to present cost-optimized consolidated ADAS test solutions for virtual test drive, synchronously combining sensor fusion (Camera, Radar and LIDAR), HiL testing systems, V2X communication, GNSS simulation and integrated data management systems in real time. These unique one-stop solutions, based on standardized National Instruments (NI) platforms, allow for an efficient assessment of systems while reducing testing time and costs but increasing reliability and helping bring autonomous vehicles to the market safer and faster than expected.

NIWeek (Austin)

NIWeek, yearly organized in Austin by National Instruments, is the world’s leading graphical system design conference and exhibition with over 600 NI Alliance members providing innovative solutions and high-quality products to more than 3,200 engineers from a wide range of industries, including academic, aerospace, automotive, biomedical and electronics. In addition to the exhibition of a highly integrated, fully automated ADAS HiL test solution covering sensor fusion and target simulation as well as V2X communication and GNSS simulation, it was a particular highlight for ADAS iiT, to give the conference keynote listeners an understanding of the challenges of sensor fusion and how to overcome these challenges with the solutions of ADAS iiT.

Here you will get to the keynote of the ADAS iiT at NI Week 2017.

Automotive Testing Expo Europe & Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo (Stuttgart)

At this year’s Automotive Testing Expo Europe, numerous new technologies and services to improve the quality, safety, reliability and durability of vehicles were presented. The ADAS iiT introduced an ADAS Sensor Fusion HiL solution at the leading international trade fair within the area of automotive test, evaluation and quality engineering and presented itself at the Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo, which simultaneously took place at the Stuttgart exhibition grounds. Of particular interest were the presentations of the ADAS iiT representatives, in which they reported among other things on the test and validation of V2X communication and applications.

Successful start of ADAS iiT

The ADAS iiT draws a very positive balance from the first weeks since its foundation and looks very confidently into the future. During the first trade fair appearances at NIWeek and Automotive Testing Expo Europe, numerous new contacts were made and well-known faces were seen again. The stimulated discussions reflected the positive perception of the expert public and the first project proposals have already been received. For the rest of the year 2017, the focus will be on the next steps toward a complete test of fully autonomous vehicles in a virtual environment – from design to development, implementation, validation, production and testing services around the globe.

Next Trade Fair Appearances of ADAS iiT

Automotive Testing Expo China: ATE China is the leading exhibition in Asia for top trends in automotive testing (Shanghai, September 19th-21st, 2017). Exhibition attendees will be captivated by the leading ADAS technology being presented. Meet ADAS iiT at the National Instruments and Konrad booth (Booth: 13012).

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VIP Conference: The annual technology and user conference ”Virtuelle Instrumente in der Praxis – VIP 2017”, organized by National Instruments (Fürstenfeldbruck, October 18th-19th, 2017) brings together researchers, engineers and educators to discuss the latest in test, control and design.


The ADAS iiT group, composed of the companies Konrad Technologies GmbH, SET GmbH, S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH and measX GmbH & Co. KG, offers one stop test solutions for virtual test drives to test today’s sensors and sensor fusion electronic control units (ECU) for the future autonomous driving. It delivers ADAS turnkey, end-to-end solutions reaching from the systems architecture to validation for production from one single source. The cooperation was established in March 2017.

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