Data Organization

A firm handle on test data

Making measurement and test data available is the central task of test data evaluation – and a big challenge. After all, it is necessary to lay a foundation to ensure that ever-growing volumes of data from heterogeneous sources can be flexibly analyzed.

Test data management applications from measX support you in retaining mastery over your data. Our solution: Structured data organization.

The data management concept is oriented around the respective project requirements. Customized to your needs, it provides a foundation for successful analysis processes and the efficient exchange of information in your system.


Whether individual files or a large database – all test data is completely documented and always available. Without laborious preparation and conversion processes, you can directly compare your data and use it for making decisions in all areas of the company.

Your benefits

  • Overview: All data for a test is always available.
  • Efficiency: Specific measurement and test data can be located quickly.
  • Flexibility: Ability to compare data from different sources.
  • Time savings: Incoming data is prepared immediately.
  • Safety: Long-term archiving of data in a structured format.

Success factors of our data management applications

  • Clever data storage
  • Consistent customer orientation
  • Far-sighted data structure
  • Automated data import
  • Optimized for evaluation

Data Management and Analysis Expertise

We are experts in test data management and evaluation solutions. We offer individual adapted systems as well as industry proven applications with respect to flexibility, performance and test data based knowledge creation.

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