V2X Communication protocol products

A V2X interface for every test purpose

Each V2X test application focuses in specific aspects of the V2X concept and has its specific requirements to the capabilities of the communication interface.

S.E.A. V2X communication modules support the different applications spaces with an economical solution.

In order to support the different requirements of functionality S.E.A. provides a set of three different products for the major aspects of V2X testing.

The S.E.A. 802.11p products

  • Support the low level communication (PHY & MAC) based on 802.11p and LTE-V (in the future)
  • All three products share the same LabVIEW API (depending on the functionality)

The two extended V2X products (USRP and Vector Signal Analyzer) are realized by S.E.A. in FPGA technology based on the National Instruments Software Defined Radio (SDR) products. MAC and PHY-layers are implemented in the FPGA of the SDR.

This gives us the opportunity to run different RF communication stacks on the same hardware.  For V2X an LTE-V implementation will be available early 2018.

The stack is extended with unique functions for protocol manipulation, precise deterministic output of packet streams and deep monitoring of timing and received information.

The additional measurement add-on provides measurement functions for online analysis of the RF-signals and compliance evaluation.

Your benefits

  • Cost saving  by selecting from a full product line of cost efficient V2X interfaces
  • High-performance interfaces for demanding simulation applications
  • Unique failure injection and monitoring features on protocol level
  • Traceability of measurements by a high-quality calibrated communication  interface
  • Flexibility by FPGA technology enables customer specific implementation by S.E.A.
  • Extendibility by simple downward compatible API
  • Global maintainability by commercial of the shelf National Instruments hardware
  • Competent application and integration support by the stack owner S.E.A.