V2X / GNSS open and closed loop (HIL) test for V&V

Validation and Verification of components, systems and apps

S.E.A. provides completely integrated turn-key test solutions for the test of V2X components, V2X related systems and apps. Depending on the test target a GNSS RF simulation can be an important component in the test system.

The same hardware and software components are also used for the seamless integration of V2X/GNSS in a complete ADAS iiT test environment.
Built on this modular concept, open loop and closed loop test solutions are available.

The S.E.A. V2X test systems are designed as a modular concept of building blocks with clearly defined interfaces based on National Instrument hardware and software, S.E.A. V2X communication interfaces and GNSS simulation products from M3 systems.

The modules can be combined to a wide variety of system configurations that cover test systems from

  • Simple V2X replay test (open loop), or functional test with CAN

up to a

  • Extensively equipped ADAS iiT HIL test system (closed loop) with multiple sensor target simulators, GNSS RF, scenario simulation and in the loop model integration of user defined models.

The modular design ensures the iterative adoption of the test system to the changing requirements of the future without losing already made investments.

The S.E.A. V2X test system concept provides

  • V2X test specific workflows
  • V2X EU and US standards
  • Integration of RF-measurements
  • 802.11p and LTE-V (in work) low level communication standards
  • Precise replay of scenarios (open loop) by tight synchronization of the physical streams
  • Integration with scenario generators like IPG CarMaker
  • User-configurable hardware and software modules
  • Open interfaces for integration of customer specific hardware
  • Ability to implement customer defined models
  • Integrated test automation
  • Open interfaces for adaptation of customer specific  test automation
  • Open data interface for big data and telemetry management and evaluation

To continuously ensure the actuality and improve its competence S.E.A. is participating in V2X research projects, V2X standardizing organizations and RF-communities.

Automated HIL test control

Your benefits

  • Flexibility by configurable hardware and software
  • Modular concept allows cost effective implementation of tailored turn-key test systems
  • Defined interfaces allow integration into the customer tool chain
  • Application oriented workflows for easy and user-friendly application
  • Future safe based on standard NI off-the shelf components and open interfaces
  • Adaptable to new standards by use of Software Defined Radio technology
  • Applicable to global applications
  • Open interfaces to  test automation standards like ASAM XIL
  • Consultancy and support by S.E.A. experts


Depending on test requirements different test methodologies provide a valuable approach for the effective test system.

  • Open loop
    replay of model generated or recorded scenario data to the DUT without feedback signals from DUT into the scenario behavior, e.g. for validation of Time/Position behavior of onboard units, functional test of day one driver assistance systems.
  • Closed loop (HIL, MIL)

    model- based simulation of the traffic and physical environment with feedback signals from DUT to the simulation environment, e.g. for the validation of complex app behavior or functional testing in complex environment, e.g. platooning algorithms or multiple vehicle interaction, autonomous driving.