Real-Time Model Execution

The One Stop Solution for ADAS Testing


  • Complete test of fully autonomous vehicles in a virtual environment:
    design, development, implementation, validation & production
  • Virtual test drive seamlessly integrated in one system
  • Fully automated test process
  • Increasing reliability & repeatability
  • Lower potential for failure and reduction of the overall risk
  • Modular design allows for easy expansion
  • Reduction of real testing time on the road
  • Reduction of Total Cost of Test (TCoT)
  • Fault injection according to ISO 26262 – Functional Safety

The ADAS iiT Advantage

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) have the potential to significantly reduce the number of road accidents by enhancing vehicle systems for safety. The reliable validation of ADAS in test drives with correspondingly equipped test vehicles is very cost intensive and afflicted with risks for the vehicle, the driver and the environment. In addition, with the multitude of sensors, actors and control units, testing becomes a highly complex task. Virtual test drives in the safe laboratory environment are the answer to the growing system complexity. Hardware in the Loop (HiL) simulation allows electronic control units (ECUs) to be tested in a simulated environment in closed-loop. Engines, vehicles, and other components the ECU normally controls are replaced by high-fidelity models executed on a real-time computer system.

Frank Heidemann, CEO of SET GmbH, talks about the challenges of ADAS test systems and how ADAS iiT will overcome these challenges.

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