ADAS HiL Test in Real-Time

The One Stop Solution for ADAS Testing



  • Complete test of fully autonomous vehicles in a virtual environment:
    design, development, implementation, validation & production
  • Virtual test drive seamlessly integrated into one system
  • Fully automated test process
  • Increasing reliability & repeatability
  • Lower potential for failure and reduction of the overall risk
  • Modular design allows for easy expansion
  • Reduction of real testing time on the road
  • Reduction of Total Cost of Test (TCoT)
  • Fault injection according to ISO 26262 – Functional Safety


Hardware in the Loop (HiL) tests are rightly considered today as a key component in validating fully integrated ECUs. With the aid of Hardware in the Loop, individual parts of an integrated system can be simulated and tested in a virtual environment in real time. SET GmbH has specialized on HiL for a number of years and was thus named the Hardware in the Loop Specialty Partner by National Instruments. HiL simulation allows for an efficient assessment of systems while reducing testing time and costs and increasing reliability by replacing complex, real tests. In regard to ADAS sensor fusion, the complexity lies in integrating target simulators, classic analogue, and digital signals possibly including signal conditioning, control and evaluation of vehicle busses CAN and FlexRay, as well as the consideration of a car model. The HiL environment guarantees the parallel execution of all individual components in real time.