V2X Production Test

Fast and Economical Testing

A major aspect of production tests of V2X based components is the measurement of the RF-compliance, basic communication functions and GNSS functionality. Measurements must be traceable to the applicable standards.

Our test solution for measurement in automated production test is based on NI software defined radio hardware components. The combination of RF measurement with V2X communication reduces test time and the cost of the measurement equipment.

The S.E.A. V2X test systems are designed as a modular concept with clearly defined interfaces based on National Instrument hardware and software, S.E.A. V2X communication interfaces and M3 systems GNSS simulation products. The hardware is integrated in a rack mountable PXIe system. This provides the flexibility to combine V2X with GNSS and other test signals such as infotainment signals or classical IOs in one compact system.

The test automation can be implemented based on the open APIs of the V2X and GNSS components. Integrated test automation based on NI TestStand is also available.

Your benefits

  • Measurement of RF-characteristics and V2X-communication with one hardware instrument
  • Supports global V2X standards
  • New signals can easily be adopted because of the underlying Software Defined Radio implementation
  • Seamless integration with other ADAS iiT components protects your investment
  • Integrated productions test systems with world-wide maintenance by the ADAS iiT consortium