ADAS Development, Implementation and Validation

One Stop Solution For ADAS Virtual Test Drive

The ADAS iiT – Innovation In Test collaboration is the premier partnership with research and development infrastructure put in place to achieve complete ADAS test solutions in a lab environment replacing today’s validation and assessment in real life.



We have the know how to support validation and verification across the product life cycle, for the different industries related to ADAS.

The ADAS iiT Advantage

  • High-Performance Test Solutions
  • Standardized and Modular Test Solutions
  • High Technology Standards – All technologies are available in-house: electronics, mechanics, optics and applications for various ADAS test procedures
  • Fully Automated Test Processes
  • Global Service and Support
  • Flexibility due to NI Platform Approach

ADAS Test Expertise

Sensor Simulation

V2X & GNSS Simulation

  • Verification and Validation, Manufacturing Test and Automated Assembly for Radar, LiDAR, Camera, Ultrasonic and GNSS
  • ADAS Simulation and Validation Test for R&D
  • ADAS Production Line Test Equipment (FCT, ICT, RF, sensor assembly and automated EOL)
  • Sensor Fusion Test
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  • V2X open & closed Loop (HiL) Test for R&D
  • V2X Production Test
  • Communication Protocol Products
  • Open & closed Loop GNSS Simulation
  • Management of geo-based Data


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HiL Simulation

Data Management & Analysis

  • ADAS HiL Test in Real Time
  • Hardware & Software Development
  • Test System Manufacturing
  • Electronic Manufacturing Services
  • ISO 26262
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  • Test Data Management
  • Data Organization
  • Data Analysis Systems
  • Crash Data Analysis
  • Test Rig Technology
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HiL Simulation is Essential for ADAS Design and Test