ADAS production line test systems (FCT, ICT, RF, sensor assembly and automated EOL)

Due to continuously rising demands on mobility and autonomous driving, integrated and automated testing solutions are needed for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) concept will help bring autonomous vehicles to the market safer and faster than expected.

  • enable multi-site production-level
  • testing for auto radar chips.

  • Perform system tests
  • Evaluate test coverage
  • Reduce your cost of test
  • Radar probe test technologies for high-volume production
  • Multi-site testing
  • Multi-site calibration
  • Automated probe card handling
  • Test time optimization
  • High Performance in a low-cost production system
  • Improved fault coverage
  • High parallel test capability
  • Small footprint to save space in factory
  • Automated test plan generation

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Assembly and Test Line for Radar Sensors

Radar Functional Test

The Konrad Technologies VRTS 77 GHz -82GHz Radar Target Simulator can be built into Production Systems.


  • Enables sensor self-calibration and diagnostics for blind detection, self-alignment error management etc.
  • 24GHz, 76-77GHz and 77-82GHz high bandwidth Models.
  • Multi-sensor data fusion.
  • In circuit test of the Radar PCB and basic electronic PCB
  • Increased overall test coverage for quality assurance
  • Upgradable and high test accuracy
  • Functional test of basic electronic PCB
  • Radar functional test including noise floor estimation of subassembly
  • EOL programming and safe launch -startup test
  • Provides a pass/fail determination on finished PCBs thus improving efficiency
  • Reusability system design