Sensor Fusion Test


Getting sensor fusion testing off the road!
Active safety systems for autonomous vehicles require millions of miles of test-drives to meet all safety requirements. With our all-inclusive solution for sensor fusion testing on a single platform, you can move all safety-critical systems from the road to the lab. A solution providing a significantly more robust and capable architecture across the automotive industry that simplifies and shortens development times for automobile manufacturers.

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Highlights [+]

  • Centralized architecture with domain controller for
  • Prototype complex algorithms for domain controller
  • Automatically test and replay complex scenarios
  • 360° redundant sensing and deep learning
  • Perform sensor simulation and physical measurements with one system
  • Develop perception algorithms, time-synchronization
  • Fusion layer for ADAS domain controller prototyping
  • Accurate vehicle localization Lane recognition and multiple sensor data logging
  • Customer-specific applications etc.

Testing on virtual roads

We developed a sensor fusion test solution that can fuse data from multiple Cameras, LiDAR, Radar, and Ultrasonic Sensors in a virtual environment. This allows algorithms to accurately understand the full 360-degree environment around the car to produce a robust representation, including static and dynamic objects.

 A one-stop solution for virtual test drive

ADAS iit´s virtual  test drive application performs sensor fusion testing using IPG Carmaker and NI VeriStand running on a Hil system

Sensor Fusion Test Expertise
We have the know how to support Validation and Verification across the Product Life Cycle, for the different industries related to ADAS (Sensor Designers/Makers Contract Manufacturer “CM” Car Makers)

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I know no other company with such great technological expertise!

Konrad’s knowledge in testing autonomous vehicles and outstanding track record delivering test solutions, in general, enables our customers to keep pace with rapidly changing technologies and consumer expectations.

Tony Vento, NI Vice President of Partners