Camera Target Simulator

ADAS Camera Test

Leading the future of optics with accurate and highly efficient camera-based ADAS test Systems

The Konrad Camera target simulator meets the challenges most OEM face today with its unique functionalities. It consists of a display and an optical system and is capable of stitching multiple camera data into a 360° image.

Highlights [+]

  • MTF Test System applications
  • Camera distance to projector minimized to 5 cm
  • Physical coupling dependent on FOV ( >180° FOV)
  • Ready interface for HIL test with Sensor Fusion (LiDAR, Radar, Ultrasonic)
  • EOL solution (Cars)
  • Ability to implement customized algorithms in hardware and software for video and image processing
  • Camera in the loop simulations with complex setups with stereo or multiple cameras
  • Pixel errors, Configuration tools such as ROI adjustments, Exposure control, Monochrome sensor, Failure insertion etc…
  • The optical system adapts the camera field of view to the display size and projects the display into a defined distance
  • The camera target simulator is highly scalable and customizable to meet multiple camera parameters and communication interface.
  • Multiple communication standards for audio/video data, such as media-oriented system transport, Ethernet, and LVDS.

Typical Applications include

  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane keeping assist
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Object recognition
  • Parking assistance
  • Rear view warning
  • Reverse assistance


Unique Value Proposition at Konrad;

We offer a wide range of optical test solutions and measurement technologies from R&D of new technologies, engineering support, system prototyping, system production, camera test system, lens test system, knowledge in designing Integrating Spheres,


Demo: Testing on virtual roads


ADAS iiT´s virtual test drive application performs sensor fusion testing using IPG CarMaker and NI VeriStand running on a HiL

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